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Quote:Deool Band Marathi Movie Details

Movie Name – Deool Band
Directed By – Pravin Tarde
Produced By – Gashmeer Mahajani, Girija Joshi
Starring – Gashmeer Mahajani, Girija Joshi
Language – Marathi
Country – India
Duration – 138 Minutes Story of Deool Band as per Sanjay Londhe Dr. Raghav Shastri is an NASA youngest scientist who is from Indian origin. It is a story of a scientist who does not believe in god. He returned too his motherland just to find out why his country is full of god worshippers. Dr. Raghav shastri is not god worshipper and he is against all this god as he also challenges the existense of god. For this he orders the locality to shut the temple within the premises. After all this God himself descends and from that day raghav also start believing in god.

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